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Something about me – little autobiography

Astrologické postavení hvězdI was born on the third day of the bright half (तृतीया शुक्ल पक्ष – tr̥tīyā śukla pakṣa) of lunar month Chaitra (चैत्र), 21st day of the solar month Viśvajīta, 2022nd year by Vikram era (ie. 5066th year of Kali Yuga), the 14th day of the 1st month 1887th year of Shaka era, at 5 P.M. IST (Indian Standard Time), according the European calendar, on Sunday 4th April 1965 at 11:30 A.M. GMT. According to Vedic astrology, this means: करण – तैतिल | तारकीय योग – वृषभ | काल – राहुकाल | नक्षत्र – भारानी | अयनांश – लाहिड़ी | राशि – मेष | पाधान – धनुराशि, thus transliterated: Karaṇa: Taitila / Tārakīya yōga: Vr̥ṣabha / Kāla: Rāhu / Nakṣatra: Bhārānī / Ayanāṃśa: Lāhiṛī / Rāśi: Meṣa / Pādhāna: dhanurāśi.
The last two categories means in English: Sign: Aries, Ascendant: Sagittarius, which also applies in the European astrology. My deity is Gaurī, which means bravery, good speech; and Karana taitila: good speech, communication, support creativity.

Until 28th February 2010 I lived in Prague 3 on Zizkov, but from my flat, I was driven out of by the pedophile-Catholic Church, because all the house, where I was living, fell victim to the pedophile-Catholic Church, specifically the inquisitorial religious order of the Jesuits. The paradox is, that the statue of Karel Havlicek Borovsky at the Havlicek Square shows by hand directly at the house, that is occupied by his arch-enemies – “Jesuits”.
For social reasons I had to leave Prague (I'm not a millionaire, and thus for another flat in Prague, I already had no money), and thus 1st March 2010 I moved into Sudetenland, and now I live in Teplice, at the housing estate Prosetice, at the address: Proseticka Rd. № 217/8, CZ 415 01 – Teplice, Czech Republic (LAT = 50° 38′ 3,1″ N ; LON = 13° 50′ 30″ E) (coordinate mention, that in me to better focus NATO missiles using GPS, and by clicking on them you will see the map of the place, where I live).
I soon learned that at the same time moved to the same town and former Prime Minister Paroubek (but because the hope to continue in his political career, because one of the oligarchs of Teplice, Ing. Petr Benda, is the right hand Paroubek's). But the situation in the Teplice Autocracy the situation have firmly in the hand the local autocrat, buffoon of the Senate, batiushka Tsar Kubera I.; and so Paroubek pulled away empty-handed and returned back to hell.

Univerzita Karlova v Praze
I studied at the Faculty of Mathematics and Physics of the Charles University in Prague the degree course Nuclear and Particle Physics, and then also at the Faculty of Philosophy and Arts of the Charles University in Prague disciplines Indology and Ethnology – Cultural and Social Anthropology. But the studies at the Faculty of Philosophy and Arts I could not complete, because I was from the political and religious reasons fraudulently excluded from the studies, through the conspiracy of the catholic clergy-fascists and subservient of the Bilderberg Group. During the holidays has been blocked my access to the University's website and was told that I will unlock it after the enrollment in the next academic year. But the enrollment in the next year was possible only exclusively online on the university website, but to it I had access blocked. And then came by post the notice, that because I did not enroll for the next year on the given dates, so I was expelled from the studies, and an appeal against that decision is not permitted.

I was one of the founding members of the Czech Green Party, but at 10th May 2006 I had leave the GP, because bothered me the new party leadership, totalitarian conservative-clerical right-wing clique of the ultra-rightist extremist Martin Bursík. Since 2006 I became involved in the initiative NeZa (No to the Bases). Later that year I became first member of the Arya Samaj from the Czech Republic.

My “second home” became India. The Czech Republic is the homeland of my body and my ancestors, but India, this is the homeland of my spirit and heart.
The first time I flew into India with Aeroflot via Moscow in February 2003, and returned at 8th May  2003, while I completely forgot, that the Czech Republic is a national holiday, the eve of the liberation of Czechoslovakia by the Red Army.
The second time, in 2006, I get into India as a student of the Charles University, to carry out an ethnographic field research therein. I traveled by surface, train ride, from the railway station Prague – Holešovice, through Slovakia, Hungary, Serbia, Bulgaria, Turkey, Iran and Pakistan. I returned the same manner on similar route, but as the return journey I used cheaper mode of transportation, because instead of international express I rode by inland trains. About my train journey into India, I wrote a travel book called Trip Diary, but I have completed only the first part, called From Prague to the end of the Alexander's World, the other three parts, which should include my staying in India, establishing of the Czech Arya Samaj, and the return trip I don't complete write up.
The first is the way I described it as an immediate experience of the way, I wrote them directly during the journey. From Prague I drove on 5th August, I arrived into India on 16th August, and I returned from India on 17th November and I came to Prague on 27th November 2006. Although was the return journey more complicated, yet was one day shorter. On this my way, in the Day of the founding of the independent Czechoslovak Republic – 28th October, was established in Delhi the Czech section of the Arya Samaj.
The third time I went into India on 18th October 2012, as a delegate and representative of the Czech Arya Samaj, to the International Congress of Arya Samaj in Delhi, and I returned after half a year, 8th April 2013. I flew into India with Turkish Airlines via Istanbul and I returned a little more complicated, with Air Arabia via sultanate Sharjah to the airport Boryspil in Kiev Ukraine, then I took the train to Uzhgorod, then by bus to Michalovce in Slovakia and from there by train through Košice, Bohumín, Prague at home into Teplice. Originally I intended to return from India overland route by train, but because in the meantime, in Pakistan the Balochistan separatists kidnapped some two Czech girls, so the border of Pakistan (resp. Balochistan province) for foreigners have concluded.
In January and February 2013 I attended at Hindu festival Maha Kumbh Mela in Prayag near Allahabad.
At the time when I was in India, took place in the Czech Republic the presidential elections, but I flew before they start issuing voter cards, and therefore I have, after my arriving into India, enrolled as a voter at the embassy. But – oh ugh – when it came to the crunch, thus on the first round of elections, so I went to the embassy, from which I was beastly banished, on the grounds, that I am not registered as a voter there. All members of the election commission were employees of the Embassy of the Czech Republic in India, it means that the employees of the Foreign Ministry, this in consequence means that they were employees one of the presidential candidates, who has held the post of Minister of Foreign Affairs – stuttering Austrofascist pseudo-duke Sleepingberg. About me was widely known, that I was a supporter of Mrs. Tanya Fischerova, and I also belonged to her election team. Members of the electoral commission also threatened me, in second round of elections did not even try to get on area of Embassy. But anyway, I would not even one of the candidates, who advanced to the second round, could not give my vote. But luckily – won the lesser of two evils.
The fourth time I flew into India via Helsinki with Finnair on 3rd December 2013 and I returned on 28th April 2014. Main part of this stay I spent at friends in Sahibabad, in the district of Ghaziabad, in the State of Uttar Pradesh, but it was only 2 km from the Metro station Dilshad Garden, on the Red Line in Delhi.
The fifth time, ie now, I will fly to India via Istanbul with Turkish Airlines on 8th April 2015 and I will return at 30th September 2016, this is again after another half year of my staying in India. In July, August and September I will be at the festival of Kumbh Mela in Nasik, in the State of Maharashtra.

I am a non-smoker, abstainer and vegetarian (or precisely “lacto-vegetarian”).